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"Too many drum books are all about technique but lack either variety or musicality.  Funk and Fusion Concepts by Glenn W. Meyer is an exception.  I've never seen or met Glenn W. Meyer but I can tell by his exercises that he has a profound understanding of the musicality of drumming."  -Charles Justice  
"[Latin Concepts for the Creative Drummer] is very well written.  Glenn Meyer gives various examples of different latin rhythms.  He also lists songs and bands that play the style.  It is a great book for developing independent coordination.  If you teach drums, there is a wealth of great ideas in here.  In summary, GET THIS BOOK!!!" -Jeff S.
Mel Bay Funk and Fusion Concepts

Offers the beginning to professional drummer a variety of approaches to playing funk and fusion styles on drum set. Styles include soul/funk, funk/rock, funk/shuffle, hip-hop, jazz/rock, Latin/funk, reggae/funk, calypso/funk, and New Orleans funk are covered with many written examples.  Ostinato rhythms, fills, thought-provoking systems, two-handed ride cymbal grooves, odd meters, accent studies, stepped hi-hat shifting, groove transcriptions, and coordination exercises are also taught in this text.  The accompanying CD contains recordings of selected examples.  A suggested listening sheet (albums by funk and fusion masters) has been provided to help guide the listening of aspiring funk and fusion drummers.  Funk and Fusion Concepts is a must for drummers who want to learn these popular styles.

Latin Concepts for the Creative Drummer

Latin Concepts for the Creative Drummer offers the beginner to professional drummer a variety of approaches to playing Latin drumset.  The aim: to develop independent, unison and linear approaches to drumset playing.  Covers ostinato rhythms, fills, two-handed grooves, odd-meter, the clave and surdo concepts, ride cymbal variations, accent studies and stepped hi-hat.  All concepts are presented in thought-provoking systems and challenging coordination exercises.

Creative Drum Systems

Creative Drum Systems is the book that offers the drummer alternative approaches to playing the drum set.  The emphasis in this book is on systematic approaches for the development of non-independent, unison, simulated double bass drum, and independent sounds.  These approaches are intended for the drummer who is seeking ways to increase the fullness of sound that can be achieved, and thus add excitement to playing.  Rather than adding to hardware, the drummer will be making modifications in technique.  These modifications involve a different way of conceptualizing the use of upper and lower limbs around the drum set.  The first edition of this book was originally published as Beyond the Double Bass Drum.

Mel Bay Beyond Stick Control: For the Snare and Drum Set Player

Beyond Stick Control is the book that offers the snare and drum set player various eight bar solos to develop hand technique and hand/foot coordination.  The book is divided into four sections: Part A. Hand Technique Development Studies,; Part B. Hand/Foot Development; Part C. Ostinato Foot Pattern Development; and Part D. Linear Jazz Studies.  The hand technique solos in Part A serve as the foundation for the subsequent sections.  Through the use of accents, single and double strokes, paradiddles, paradiddle-diddles, swiss army triplets and their respective inversions (sticking displacement), the beginning to advanced drummer will greatly improve hand technique, stick and foot control and feel for their instrument.  The companion CD contains recordings of the eight bar solos.  This is a must for snare and drum set players who want to take their playing to a higher level.


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